Follow the link to the GWC 2021 pre-conference proceedings.

Day 1: Monday 18 January 2021

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12:30ZOOM OPENSConnection details will be sent to all registered participants
13:00WELCOMEProf. Langa Khumalo, Director of SADiLaR
13:30INVITED SPEAKERProf. Mustafa Jarrar, PhD (Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Birzeit University, Palestine) – Linguistic Ontologies and Wordnets
14:30POSTER SESSION**A short introduction to each poster will be played during this time. Participants are invited to view the posters on the conference website for more information and to engage with the authors via email
15:1032 (16:10 for author)Michał Marcińczuk, Mateusz Gniewkowski, Tomasz Walkowiak and Marcin Będkowski. Text Document Clustering: Wordnet vs. TF-IDF vs. Word Embeddings
15:4014 (8:40 for author)Amir Ahmad Habibi, Bradley Hauer and Grzegorz Kondrak. Homonymy and Polysemy Detection with Multilingual Information
16:2039 (9:20 for author)Colin Lualdi, Elaine Wright, Jack Hudson, Naomi Caselli and Christiane Fellbaum. Implementing ASLNet V1.0: Progress and Plans

** Follow the link to all the poster presentations

Day 2: Tuesday 19 January 2021

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07:30ZOOM OPENSConnection will be sent to registered participants
08:0016 (16:00 for author)Michael Wayne Goodman and Francis Bond. Intrinsically Interlingual: A New Python Library for Wordnets
08:4018 (16:40 for author)John P. McCrae, Michael Wayne Goodman, Francis Bond, Alexandre Rademaker, Ewa Rudnicka and Luis Morgado Da Costa. The GlobalWordNet Formats: Updates for 2020
09:2017 (17:20 for author)Merrick Yeu Herng Choo and Francis Bond. Taboo Wordnet
10:3029 (11:30 for author)Ewa Rudnicka, Wojciech Witkowski and Maciej Piasecki. A (Non)-Perfect Match: Mapping plWordNet onto PrincetonWordNet
11:0025 (13:00 for author)Verginica Mititelu, Svetlozara Leseva and Ivelina Stoyanova. Semantic Analysis of Verb-Noun Derivation in Princeton WordNet
11:4028 (12:40 for author)Arkadiusz Janz, Maciej Piasecki and Piotr Wątorski. Neural Language Models vs Wordnet-based Semantically Enriched Representation in CST Relation Recognition
12:104 (12:10 for author)Hossein Rouhizadeh, Mehrnoush Shamsfard, Mahdi Dehghan and Masoud Rouhizadeh. Persian SemCor: A Bag of Word Sense Annotated Corpus for the Persian Language

Day 3: Wednesday 20 January 2021

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11:30ZOOM OPENSConnection details will be sent to all registered participants
12:00 12 (17:00 for author) Alessandro Agostini, Timur Usmanov, Ulugbek Khamdamov, Nilufar Abdurakhmonova and Mukhammadsaid Mamasaidov. UZWORDNET: A Lexical-Semantic Database for the Uzbek Language
12:40 8 (15:40 for author) Özge Bakay, Özlem Ergelen, Elif Sarmış, Selin Yıldırım, Bilge Nas Arıcan, Atilla Kocabalcıoğlu, Merve Özçelik, Ezgi Sanıyar, Oğuzhan Kuyrukçu, Begüm Avar and Olcay Taner Yıldız. Turkish WordNet KeNet
13:10 41 (15:10 for author) Tshephisho Joseph Sefara, Tumisho Billson Mokgonyane and Vukosi Marivate. Practical Approach on Implementation of WordNets for South African Languages
13:50 26 (14:50 for author) Oscar Sainz and German Rigau. Ask2Transformers: Zero-Shot Domain labelling with Pretrained Language Models
15:00 20 (16:00 for author) Agnieszka Dziob and Wiktor Walentynowicz. Enriching plWordNet with morphology
15:30 36 (16:30 for author) Arkadiusz Janz and Marek Maziarz. Discriminating Homonymy from Polysemy in Wordnets: English, Spanish and Polish Nouns
16:1022 (17:10 for author)Melanie Siegel and Francis Bond. Compiling a GermanWordNet from other Resources

Day 4: Thursday 21 January 2021

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Author(s) and title
11:30ZOOM OPENSConnection details will be sent to all registered participants
12:0030 (15:00 for author)Büşra Marşan, Neslihan Kara, Merve Özçelik, Bilge Nas Arıcan, Neslihan Cesur, Aslı Kuzgun, Ezgi Sanıyar, Oğuzhan Kuyrukçu and Olcay Taner Yildiz. Building the Turkish FrameNet
12:407 (15:40 for author)Merve Özçelik, Bilge Nas Arıcan, Özge Bakay, Elif Sarmış, Özlem Ergelen, Nilgün Güler Bayezit and Olcay Taner Yıldız. HisNet: A Polarity Lexicon based on WordNet for Emotion Analysis
13:1037 (15:10 for author)Mustafa Jarrar, Eman Naser, Muhammad Khalifa and Khaled Shaalan. Extracting Synonyms from Bilingual Dictionaries
13:4040 (13:40 for author)Sina Ahmadi and John P. McCrae. Monolingual Word Sense Alignment as a Classification Problem
14:302 (15:30 for author)Viktor Losing, Lydia Fischer and Jörg Deigmöller. Extraction of Common-Sense Relations from Procedural Task Instructions using BERT
15:1038 (8:10 for author)Hongchang Bao, Bradley Hauer and Grzegorz Kondrak. On Universal Colexifications
16:00Business MeetingAll participants and members of the Global Wordnet Association are invited